The story of my life, till now (Sept 2013)

The post is not a complete picture about me, it is an attempt to pen down things that come to my mind at this particular moment. I don’t know weather these rumblings would be able to capture the actual story in words. This is not a professional writeup like linkedin and more about memories as i see back. Kindly bear with me, as i am still learning to write.


* Born in a dispensary in village (Kanina – Rewari) in Haryana in 1979, the camel cart brought me home.
* Spent first three years playing in village streets or in fields, being in a joint family of farmers.
* Came to Chandigarh in 1982, as father got ‘sarkari naukri’.
* The earliest memories are of Chandigarh, the first one, me 3yrs old, finishing the task in a toilet, calling mom with all my lungs to clean the butt. She has momentarily gone outside. Me waiting angrily (fas gaye)
* Father driving me to pre-nersary (Kindergarden) on cycle, the first day and me happily sitting on the ‘danda’ of that cycle with a small bag, white shirt, grey shorts and a tie, govt. nursury, sector 23, Chandigarh (Raju ban gaya gentleman)
* Till class 4th, second most ‘shararti’ kid in the class.
* The turning point, class 4th, I have given ‘gali’ of ‘sali’ to a girl in class. Teacher have given punishment to hang bags on both hands and stand in front of the class. Its last period. Papa have come to school to pick up the ‘kuldeepak’. Papa is looking in the kids from outside, to find me. The kids pointing to the wall. Bell rings. Teacher talking to papa at some distance. Papa looks angry “We will talk on reaching home”. Me thinking on way to home “Aaj pata nahi kya hoga”. Waiting for the ‘bhayankar petai of the life’. Ate food, changed clothes, still waiting. There was no considerable punishment that day, but the pondering and ‘atam chintan’ of those two to three hours changed a lot in me. I decided to become a good person, would do good things and not be an evil.
* Turnaround, grades starts improving.
* Class 7, few of us have forgotten to bring a particular book. Standing in line, waiting for punishment. Teacher hitting on hands with a wooden scale. My turn, she saying ‘Isko mar ke paap thodi chadana hai’ (It would be a sin to punish this guy). Me thinking, the change is showing results.
* Class 8th, Winning first position in a city level painting competition, where 1000s of other kids also participated. For the first time in my life, i came first in anything. Boost in self confidence.
* Class 9th, Scoring second position in class, being labelled as one of the bright students. No extra curricular activates (idiot)
* Keeping distance from girls, they may reduce few %age points. (again idiot)
* Class 10th, board exams, scoring first position in class. Maths 96, Science 90. Me looking at notice board “Is it true?”, my best friend scored few marks less and was second. He represented national games in swimming in the same class. I still consider him the winner.
* Non Medical ‘ke ragdaai’, DAV college, chandigarh + 2 tuitions, 30 km cycling per day, No gfs. 3km jogging on most days.
* A monkey biting me on leg. Five injections in stomach on alternate days by a pretty nurse. Final exam of physical education the coming week, which includes a 800m run. ‘Bhag milkha bang’, Me running in the race, last few meters left, me leading the pack of 30 odd guys, looked back, a short ‘kancha’ is catching up fast like a bullet, body exhausted, its a fight of minds now not body, me falling, balancing with a hand on the ground, zoom, you are second.
* Limited seats in engineering colleges, around 10 colleges in Punjab and Haryana. Poor rank in Haryana. ‘Theek thak’ rank in Punjab but no domicile. FAILED to get admission to any govt engineering college, parents can’t afford private one. Lucky to get admission to ‘Indo Swiss training centre’ (CSIO) a college of some repute giving ‘four years advanced diploma in mechatronics and industrial automation’
* 1998, fist one in class to make an ‘email id’, using internet in a CII fair, proudly writing it on blackboard to tell others. (seems foolish now)
* Bought first computer in partnership with a batch-mate in year 2000. (ek saal baad chori ho gaya)
* G‌iving home tuitions.
* Attending a talk on entrepreneurship in college, me “may be some day i would, after few years of job”.
* Came 1st thrice in 8 semesters, managed to get ‘silver medal’ (gum gaya)
* 2001, Campus requirement to ‘Trident’, high CTC, may be twice or more to the other students in batch, lottery ‘lag gaye’.
* 2005, Joined by life partner, via arranged marriage. (love baad me hua)
* 2006 ‘Pappu ban gaya papa’, entry of lovely girl child into family.
* 5 yrs of corporate job, shuffling different departments to learn different things, saving money, building house, the one we live in.
* Dabbling in stocks.
* Entrepreneurship ka ‘keeda’ is growing inside, parents against, no one in ‘khandaan’ has tried business.
* 2006, Staring a coaching institute, ran for one year, ‘become masterji’
* 2007, management consultant to a SME automation company, they expecting me to do ‘chamatkaar’
* 2008-9, Event management company, turning into an outdoor catering company, ‘band baja baarat’
* 2010-2011, Starting an IT services company, design and development of websites, social media mktg and things, started and ran few blogs with a million page view per month. ‘back to tech’
* 2012, Listening to a talk, where ‘swami vivekananda’ is being quoted about giving your life to an idea, me thinking, ‘can that idea be fostering innovation?’
* 2012 to till now: Founded Fostinno and building different things to use innovation as tool to make this world a better place. This phase would need bigger posts to tell the story, would share them with you elsewhere. The direction of the journey is towards creating things that solve real problems and also helping others create one. The challenge is not reaching the goal but to enjoy the journey.

Failure is the fertile soil where the flowers of success blossom

Who doesn’t want success. That’s ok. The problem starts when one expects a continuous trajectory of successes. Failure is something that is frowned upon by the society and colleagues. Sharing the story of failure with others is not easy, so we tend to hide them, as they never happened. We need to change that, at individual level and cultural level, because most successes are built on failures only.

All of us have failed at one point of time or another. When we had been learning cycling, did we made it in the first attempt. Failure in a battle is ok as long as we are in the war. One of the reasons for failure, may be is, when one tries to do what is beyond his/her comfort zone or present skill set. And that’s good. These failures are the fertile soil where the flowers of success blossom. We as a society are at this place, because someone somewhere in history tried the impossible. Its your turn.

Four tools for bringing ‘Change’

As an individual all of us can use four tools to share our thoughts, ideas, dreams… with others.. for adding value to the society … for changing the world…they are..

Word, Picture, Video and Code

* WORD : The words we share with others.. via writing..a blog, Facebook wall update, twitter … through any means (laptop, mobile …) … Earlier called it Pen, Kalam… I would call it  WORD…the power of words… Share.. e.s.p. the things worth sharing…

* PICTURE: Equal to 1000 words…   it touches the heart directly… don’t be shy to flash your mobile camera… to capture the moments…that can inspire 1000s of others…

* VIDEO: A short two minute video shared on YouTube or else… would repeat your message to 1000s of others… day and night… for the rest of your life… why not use this tool…

* CODE: Code represents the SYSTEM… It can be Linux… it can be Walmart…means making  a system… how a thing will work… It can be Facebook/android app… a law like Janlokpal… it can be for your home… or for the universe… draft/make it and share with others…

Best wishes to you for bringing the Change that is needed…

Sarkari naukri

I don’t know about other’s, but i am amazed to see the love that the parents of most middle class families have towards a ‘Sarkari naukri’. For them there are two worlds one is ‘sarkari’ the other is private. ‘Achcha sarkari naukri me hai, konsa department… bahut badhiyaa’ and on the other side ‘hmm… private me hai.. kya baat saarkari ke kosish nahi ke… koi jack wack lagaya hota’. Entreprenership seems to be a far off thing is this ecosystem. If someone jumps into being an entrepreneur, the majority thinks… ‘ ye to paagal ho gaya :)’ And there is also an interesting thing, the love of the country towards IAS (Indian Administrative Services). I don’t know what’s there is in that particular post, as the majority aspires to be one. (due respect to the post of IAS), I am not discussing the ones who are IAS, but the masses who aspire to be one. Does the best brains of India deserve to be an IAS or something else, there are plenty of options – scientists, entrepreneurs etc. Diverting these minds to which field is good for India, is the question